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Si's Birth Story

My first home birth with Stephanie was my 3rd child. We had a water birth with a inflatable pool that was smaller than we originally thought it was going to be haha! But Stephanie let me labor and do things how I needed and it was just a great birth!

My second birth with her was extremely quick! I lost my mucus plus and started having contractions on and off that I thought were just strong Braxton hicks because they werent really painful or consistent. Around 5:30pm I realized they were hurting a bit more but they still werent consistent and so I for some reason didnt think it was the real deal even though I was already overdue. I went to bed that night and woke up around 12ish and told my husband I was going to just labor for a bit and for him to sleep. I was doing fine having random contractions anywhere from 20 minutes apart to 2. They werent too bad at all and I still didn't really think it was time, I texted Stephanie around 12:50 to tell her I was going to wake Jon up in a bit and that I would let her know if I thought it was time yet. Well, at 1am the contractions changed and were literally a minute apart and super intense all of a sudden! I woke my husband up and asked him to fill the birth pool (a real birth pool this time haha!) I also texted Stephanie to tell her to head our way because I knew it was definitely go time! I got into the birth pool and it helped so so much with the pain and I was able to lay over the edge of it to relax a bit between contractions. Stephanie got there around 1:40ish, I felt pushy but thought I couldnt possibly be because it was all happening so fast! Stephanie checked and his head was right there it was just up to me to push when I was ready. Baby Si was born at 2:46am! It was an amazing birth! I've loved Stephanie delivering both babies and I'm so greatful she is in our life!

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