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Madelyn's Birth Story

Madelyn N Trumbull was delivered by Stephanie and Amber in the Cottage at the family birth center in New Braunfels on Sep. 23 2015.

I entered this experience with midwives because I believed that the rush of modern day delivery at the hospital resulted in an unnecessary Cesarean of my first child which was followed by my OB telling me that I would likely never give birth vaginally.

Amber was my primary midwife who saw me for all my prenatal visits. I saw Stephanie a few times and felt comfortable with her assisting.

In the early morning of Sep. 22 I had began to have discharge. I then went for a walk at park where unfortunately I lost my mucus plus. A public park with unclean bathrooms and not much toilet paper. HAHA.

I spent the day with my first born enjoying life and staying in touch with my midwives. I went to a church event later that night where I had inconsistent contractions. I had contractions throughout the day but they did get more intense at this event. It was roughly 9pm when I could tell my contractions were changing. Contractions were long and inconsistent but they intensified. My husband fell asleep (UGH). I was wide awake knowing my body was about to deliver a baby. As the night progressed I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I got into a warm bath to try to help with contractions and discomfort. At this point I was rocking my hips in my bathroom alone. It was around 2am when I finally told my husband that it was time to bring Emily our first born to his parents house which was a good 30 minute trip round trip. In my head I wanted to go onto the birth center but my midwives advised me to stay home and ride it out. I was talking clearly on the phone which was a sign that my contractions were not strong enough. After dropping Emily off we arrived back at our apartment were the contractions did intensify yet again. I had to rock my hips, slouch over, and concentrate in order to stay calm through my contractions. By now it was closer to 4am and my husband Caleb had to squeeze my hands, rub my back, and literally help me through each contraction that came. This was when I told him to call the midwife and tell them it was time. The next hour felt like a lifetime. Finally, Stephanie Saunders arrive and checked me. I remember her being calm but excited about my progress. I voiced that I didn’t know if I could make it on the car ride to the birth center and I remember her saying, “We could stay here and have the birth or go but the decision has to be made now.” I quickly chose to get in the car and drive 20-30 minutes to the birth center. I barely made it through the car ride. Most of the car ride I was fighting the urge to push. I held onto the car door handle to take the pressure off my bottom. When we arrived at the birth center and stepped out of my car my water broke, in my car all over the passenger side. I walked into the cottage as water felt like it was pouring out of me. Stephanie was so calm but she was busy getting everything ready because she knew the birth was coming soon. She asked me, “What kind of birth are you having?” I answered, “ I don’t know but I need to push!” Stephanie had me sit on the toilet where I could hardly make it through one contraction. Stephanie was filling up the tub with water. When I told her I couldn’t not push I got into the tub. Stephanie checked me again. I was at 10cm and ready to push. She called Amber who was around the corner and updated her. Amber didn’t believe her because she repeated herself again. Amber made it for the last little while before Madelyn was born. Madelyn was born around 6:30am on Sep. 23rd 2017. This is the jest of what I remember. After the birth family came to visit. The midwives asked us about breakfast and kindly brought Caleb and I food. We hang out in the cottage and took a quick nap but we soon felt the need for our own place. We were home the same day around 4pm. This is the birth that seemed fast a furious but my third birth/ second successful VBAC was faster.

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