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Evelyn's Birth

Evelyn Rose Williams was born at our home in New Braunfels with Stephanie Saunders and my husband, Robert, by my side. Along with my Doula, Myta Smith and multiple others, Amber Reidel and Misty Lux, who attended various parts of my labor journey. It was my first birth and I had an unrelenting water sac that just wouldn't break! It was a long 26 long hours later, but we had a beautiful 7lb baby girl the morning of December 7, 2014.

There are so many memories that come flooding back when I think of that December evening into morning years ago. But a few moments in particular are joked about 5 years later by all who were there. The moment that when after what had been a very quiet labor (according to all my girls there) I let out a grunted F bomb and my husband says the entire room perked up and they said "now that's the noise we were waiting for!" What was almost one push - thank you Stephanie for slowing my roll to 3 more pushes, all the baby oil, and saving me from ripping myself in my hulk moment later, Evelyn was born.

And the moment when after (literally just got done having a baby y'all) and I waddled in a towel across the living room to grab a shower and my husband dead serious in front of God and a household of women who had just been with me through the gauntlet said "phew baby. Get some clothes on before we make another baby🤣."

I had my DREAM birth. I had a room full of women who knew me. Supported me. Rallied for and celebrated me. I felt safe. Cared for. Considered. Each step taken with my best friend and hands on doting husband by my side. I am blessed.

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