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Amanda's Birth Story

On Valentine’s Day, the day before my official due date, Jaciel and I went to see the Romeo and Juliet ballet. During the intermission I started to feel a little off like I may be coming down with something. It was not long after this that the contractions started. Jaciel asked if I wanted to go home, but I told him no. If this was indeed labor then I would be at it for a while, so no sense in missing a good show…

On the elevator ride to leave the contractions started coming in more intensely. Much to my amusement this made for an entertaining ride as it became clear to the now-packed elevator that there was a woman in labor to enjoy the ride with them. When we got home Jaciel prepared our apartment for the arrival of our son. He set up the pool, warmed the water, and comforted me during each contraction. When my labor started to pick up, Jaciel called the midwife to tell her that it was time to come over.

I had always envisioned that labor would be a long journey that I would make alone where the pain would be terrible (yet still bearable). However, reality was far from this prideful picture that I had painted in my mind. By God’s mercy, time did not seem to exist during this period. Instead all of my efforts were focused on getting through that current contraction and then resting in between. Also my labor was anything but bearable. My son was posterior (meaning his head was facing toward my abdomen), which has been called anterior labor times ten. I cried through each contraction and I only made it through because of the support and comfort of my amazing husband, midwife, and her assistant. During each contraction I was held, sang to, and prayed over. I felt so vulnerable and weak, yet I also never felt so strong because of their love and support.

When my labor came to an end and my son was placed immediately in my arms I felt such an indescribable joy. Finally here was my beautiful son that I had carried for 10 months and then labored 11 long hours for. However, while I was preoccupied by the miracle of this crying baby wriggling in my arms, I started to hemorrhage.

Immediately my midwife and her assistant went into action and all of the necessary actions were taken to stop my bleeding. Despite the fact that I hemorrhaged, I never once felt like the life of my baby or my life was in danger. We were BOTH monitored closely during and after my labor. My midwife not only had the necessary materials to handle such an emergency, but she had the experience and expertise to know how to handle the situation. I am confident that if I had labored in a hospital that the experience would have been much more traumatic for both my son and me. In the hours, days and weeks that followed my midwife (and amazing husband) monitored the baby and me carefully. My midwife even answered phone calls in the middle of the night as we first-time parents tried to figure out how to care for our little baby. I am so thankful for my midwife and I am so grateful that I had the support to labor at home as I did. Most of all I am so blessed and overcome with joy to have my healthy beautiful baby boy!

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